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nov 11

Peerke Donders Lezing 2014 – Door TINKEBELL.

Posted on dinsdag, november 11, 2014 in Tinkebell's Video's

Kunst kan de wereld veranderen. Verslag Peerke Donderslezing 2014

5e Peerke Donderslezing uitgesproken door kunstenares TINKEBELL. op 2 november (meer…)

okt 30

Dion Graus dient motie in tot opnemen herwinning fosfaat in meststoffenwet.

Posted on donderdag, oktober 30, 2014 in Tinkebell's Video's

Wat mijn project ‘SAVE OUR CHILDREN’ over dreigende fosfaattekorten teweeg bracht..
Sinds de premiere van de film (september 2013) (meer…)

sep 22

SAVE THE DIGNITY of the Victims of the Rana Plaza Disaster in Bangladesh

Posted on maandag, september 22, 2014 in Tinkebell's Video's

Part of SAVE THE WORLD project by TINKEBELL. –

In her ongoing mission to save (meer…)

aug 30

0ne Trick Pony performing ‘my penis’ in my treecastle (built by Tessa Hendriks) in Wonderland

Posted on zaterdag, augustus 30, 2014 in Tinkebell's Video's
mei 8

Donations for the victims of Rana Plaza

Posted on donderdag, mei 8, 2014 in Tinkebell's Video's

In April 2014 I visited the ground of Rana Plaza..

and I was shocked to find out that the (meer…)

mei 5

Two girls (9 and 12 yr) showing me the sweatshop they used to work at – in Bangladesh

Posted on maandag, mei 5, 2014 in Tinkebell's Video's
apr 11

Visiting Rana Plaza, Bangladesh – idea for a monument to SAVE THE MEMORIES

Posted on vrijdag, april 11, 2014 in Tinkebell's Video's

Every day some 30 million people around the world are exploited so that we can wear clothes. A long series (meer…)

apr 4

Today (April 4th 2014), I arrived in Dhaka, Bangladesh!

Posted on vrijdag, april 4, 2014 in Tinkebell's Video's

Today (April 4th 2014), I arrived in Dhaka, Bangladesh! – Follow my trip at

mrt 24


Posted on maandag, maart 24, 2014 in Tinkebell's Video's

The complete video of this world saving intervention (Me, making a nude calendar to save two girls in Manila) can (meer…)

mrt 12

Fragment debat programma Arena Jorgen Raymann vs TINKEBELL.

Posted on woensdag, maart 12, 2014 in Tinkebell's Video's

Slechte kwaliteit, maar voor wie te lui is om de hele aflevering te zien. Complete aflevering staat hier: <a href="" (meer…)