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feb 22

interview with Ahmad from Syria #bringthemhere

Posted on woensdag, februari 22, 2017 in Tinkebell's Video's

On February 19, 2017 in Athens we spoke with Ahmad from Syria who has been stuck in Greece since a year. He is one of the refugees in the European relocation program which means the European counties promised to relocate him to another country in Europe where he can ask for asylum before September 2017.
While waiting for this to happen, Ahmad taught himself to read and speak English by comparing an Arabic version of the bible with an English version of the bible. Within a few months he was able to translate for others and now he works as an official translator for local ngo’s.
You might have seen his face before: Dutch Politician Jesse Klaver (Groenlinks) also spoke with him in a video on the situation in Greece in the summer of 2016.
After relocation and being settled in one of the EU countries, Ahmad wants to study politics and become a politician to change the situation in the world.

Do you think the European countries must keep their promise to relocate refugees in time?

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