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nov 30

Katinka Simonse Naakt Kalender Vervolg

nov 2

Katinka simonse Naakt Kalender

Posted on vrijdag, november 2, 2012 in Katinka Simonse Naakt

katinka simonse naakt

Hier de link

The plan

TINKEBELL. called her friends in the Philipines to ask if they would help her organize a photo shoot. Not with Mitch and Cyris as the leading ladies, but with herself in the spotlight. By taking her clothes off, TINKEBELL. hopes the girls will be able to keep theirs on. The pictures will feature in a 2013 calendar, and the proceeds will go to an investment fund for Mitch and Cyris.

If your imagination starts going wild thinking about TINKEBELL. in a sexy pose: in exchange for an extra donation, she’ll take your directions during the shoot. Make her do whatever you want, and have the picture included in the calendar.

Nonka, a Dutch designer, will design the calendar.

The minimum wage in Manila is around €6,- per day. The proceeds from the calendar should be high enough to make Mitch’s and Cyris’ dreams come true. Donate! 1 *You can buy a calendar for only €20,- (+ shipping costs!) Below you can find payment information. 2 Of course every donation is welcome! When you donate €20,- or more, you will receive a calendar. 3 Donate €100,- or more and you will receive one of the pictures as a postcard, signed by me. 4 Donate €500,- or more and you get a signed print (A4) of one of the pictures. 5 Donate €1000,- or more and let me know how you want me to pose. Yes! I’ll do whatever you’d like me to do(!) (and you get a signed picture of course).

Please send your money to

TINKEBELL. BANKACCOUNT NR. 10 24 89 750 IBAN NL55 RABO 0102 4897 50 BIC RABONL2U Rabobank Amsterdam (NL)

Or use Paypal:

Be sure to include your address. And please add shipping costs when you want to buy the calendar: The Netherlands: €6,75,- Europe: €10- Anywhere else: €12,-

All the proceeds will be sent to Mitch and Cyris to enable them to stop selling their bodies and start following their dreams!

Thank you! More information The calendar will be presented on November 3th

*This is an exclusive price offered on this website. (anywhere else the price is euro 24,95)

Katinka Simonse naakt

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mei 18

Ben ik nou helemaal gek geworden ?

Posted on maandag, mei 18, 2009 in Katinka Simonse Naakt


Ik wil graag deze discussie op gang brengen en een eerlijke mening horen over Katinka Simonse Alias Tinkebell.

Het is wel de bedoeling het een beetje binnen de perken te houden, reacties zoals  “ze moeten van haar een tasje maken ipv zij van haar kat” hebben we niets aan die staan er al genoeg op internet.

Mijn bedoeling is dan ook meer om te weten te komen waarom iemand doet wat hij doet, laat een comment achter, VIND IK LEUK 🙂

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