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sep 22

SAVE THE DIGNITY of the Victims of the Rana Plaza Disaster in Bangladesh

Posted on maandag, september 22, 2014 in Tinkebell's Video's | Daten

Part of SAVE THE WORLD project by TINKEBELL. –

In her ongoing mission to save the world she already visited five countries, this April she added a sixth one to her list: Bangladesh.

The Humanity House in The Hague had asked TINKEBELL. to investigate Dhaka – the capital of Bangladesh – and its surroundings, focusing mostly on the state of the textile industry over there.

Unexpectedly, she came across a mass grave surrounded by grieving families. This was the site where Rana Plaza stood, a massive building that collapsed in 2013. The terrain is now filled with rubble, debris, shredded clothing from the factories that were housed in the building, labels from companies like Mango (a brand that she owned several dresses from) and human remains of bodies that were never dug up. Survivors and next of kin begged her for help, money and attention for their situation. TINKEBELL. was even offered some human bones found at the site to take home to the Netherlands. They wanted her to show how bad this really was.

The uncleaned piles of rubbish of Rana Plaza, a place where 1138 people have died just a year ago, felt so devoid of respect for the deceased that TINKEBELL. designed a monument on the spot. Her original thought was that washing all the clothing found in the rubble would be a logical first step towards some dignity for those who passed away. She asked the Bengal government to allow her to realize this project, but although it was discussed between the highest ministers she was not granted permission. Their official reason being that they could not guarantee her safety. TINKEBELL. felt powerless, but didn’t want to give up just yet. A mass grave should at least carry a gravestone, and since it was not there yet she decided to make one herself.

‘Our memories are sprayed with a billion tears. We will never forget’

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